Jobs for Humanity paves the way to a fairer future for all by connecting historically underrepresented talent to welcoming employers.

Why Are We Doing It?
Millions of people face a disproportionate lack of opportunity in the job market. Recognizing this, we're building a community of volunteers and activists to work together to ensure that the blind, the neurodivergent, Black leaders, single moms, refugees, and returning citizens have equal access to employment opportunities.
Our Causes

Inequality in the workplace is a massive problem. While we intend to fully address it one day, we're currently focusing our efforts and resources on working with talent from these communities.

285 Million people worldwide are visually impaired.

36% of them are unemployed.

1 Billion of the world population are neurodivergent.

85% of them are underemployed.

80 Million people worldwide are displaced.

No clear unemployment statistics.

10 Million people in the US have a felony record.

27% of them are unemployed.

44 Million Americans are Black.

13% of them are unemployed.

318 Million adult women in the US - every 1 in 8 - are single moms.

12% of them are unemployed.

Independent Causes

We will support any independent causes

Jobs For Lebanon

Jobs for Lebanon is a citizen-led initiative with the objective to address the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon encouraging the 16 million Lebanese diasporas to offer opportunities to qualified local talents.
Its aim is to empower the 16 million Lebanese diasporas expats to participate in the country’s economic recovery by connecting them with qualified talent-base back home.
Its online hiring marketplace allows diasporas to post jobs, primarily freelanced or outsourced, destined for job seekers in Lebanon.

Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters

RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters.com is a consortium of recruitment industry vendors and private industry TA leaders who have committed themselves to the art and science of great candidate experience.

The goal is to start with recruiters and replicate the model in other professional areas.
It’s time for us to work together.

Green Jobs

We believe the world's most pressing environmental challenges can be solved with today's skills, technology and resources. But unless we coordinate them effectively, we can't realise their full potential.

We started findgreen.jobs because human collaboration coupled with the right incentives lie at the heart of every solution. If you could align the right incentives with the best talent from around the world to so solve the most pressing environmental problems, why wouldn't you?

How it works
The job site of each cause caters to two audiences:


  • Employers can publish jobs for free.
  • Employers get notified when candidates apply to roles via SmartRecruiters - our applicant tracking system of choice.
  • Internal match score shortlists the candidates and simplifies the hiring process.
  • Expert DEI training is provided by subject matter experts from partner non-profits and agencies.


  • Candidates can apply for free.
  • Their resumes will be parsed.
  • Candidates will be matched to jobs internally.
  • Volunteer recruiters connect the most qualified candidates with hiring managers.
Our Team

We are a positive group of volunteers with our own stories who share love and passion for the cause.