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What is Jobs for Humanity?

Jobs for Humanity is a global platform connecting people from all walks of life with inclusive employers. We aim to create job opportunities for diverse communities, including but not limited to refugees, visually impaired individuals, neurodivergent people, single parents, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and returning citizens.

How can I benefit from Jobs for Humanity as a job seeker?

As a job seeker, you can:

  • Access thousands of job opportunities from employers committed to hiring from underrepresented communities
  • Receive free professional job coaching to help build your CV, prepare for interviews, and expand your network
  • Potentially earn a bonus upon getting hired and submitting a testimonial of your experience

What kind of support does Jobs for Humanity offer?

We provide:

  • 1 x Free career coaching session to enhance your job-seeking skills (resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, career progression advice)
  • Access to a Discord community dedicated to helping you find meaningful employment
  • Free access to training resources from IBM SkillsBuild, Grow with Google, and Udemy courses courtesy of YUPRO Placement.
  • Select “Jobs For Humanity” as the Training Provider Partner

In which regions do Jobs for Humanity operate?

Jobs for Humanity operates globally, connecting talent with employers in over 100 countries.

How can I apply for jobs through Jobs for Humanity?

You can visit our job sites dedicated to specific communities (e.g., refugees, visually impaired, neurodivergent) or use our general job board to find and apply for suitable positions. The general job site is www.humanity.jobs

What if I need accommodations during the application or interview process?

We are committed to accommodating candidates with any needs, including those who are blind or hard of hearing. Please inform us of your requirements, and we will work to ensure appropriate accommodations.

I’ve applied for a job through Jobs for Humanity. Who should I contact for follow-up?

The roles advertised on Jobs for Humanity are from our client companies, not directly from JFH. For follow-ups on your application, we recommend contacting the Talent Acquisition or HR teams at the client companies. You can usually find their contact information on LinkedIn.

How can I access career coaching services?

Jobs for Humanity provides free career coaching sessions for individuals looking to improve their job-seeking skills. You can sign up for these sessions through our platform.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues or need customer support?

For technical or customer support, please contact us at contact@jobsforhumanity.com.

How can I join the Jobs for Humanity community?

We have created a Discord server dedicated to helping job seekers find meaningful employment and prepare for the recruitment process. You can join this community through our website.

Remember, Jobs for Humanity is here to support you in your job search journey. We’re committed to creating a fairer future for all by connecting talented individuals from underrepresented communities with welcoming employers.

Jobs for Humanity also have meetups in certain locations.

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