From Fear to Fire: Jobs for Humanity

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Would it make a difference if every job recruitment embraces diversity – diversity when it comes to race, gender, and ethnicity? Would it matter if grit is highlighted rather than an expensive educational background and all the other qualifying clichés?

“Jobs for humanity” is an employment platform for people who are under-represented. Applying for a job can be very intimidating for people from the minority. The truth is, they serve a great advantage because of the circumstances that built them despite their differences.

Well-educated or not, well-experienced or not, you’ve got the potential to make yourself through the employment world. Jobs for Humanity paves the way to a fairer future for all by connecting historically underrepresented talent to welcoming employers.

heather hansen o'neill

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Heather Hansen O’Neill is an Award winning speaker, author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist uses her action packed experience to Fire Up audiences. She stimulates vibrant energy, focus, and action for those who want to collaborate effectively, lead change and achieve massive results.

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