How Recruiters Search On Linkedin

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They key is, recruiters really like keywords. So set up your profile in a way where you’ll be found when they search.

  1. In your header, include the job you want to have
  2. You should indicate the region/location of where you want to work. Ex. If you’re looking for work in the Netherlands, this will help recruiters in that area find you.
  3. Hiring managers usually give recruiters a list of keywords for a particular job.
  4. Enter all your skills. Searching for a developer will give 10k results, so recruiters won’t stop till they find an exact match.
  5. Indicate what industry you are in or want to work in. Also, consider other industries that relate to that particular industry. Ex. Automotive and renewables.
  6. Include your Languages – thought can be discriminatory, it’s still useful to know that you have some knowledge of a particular community.
  7. Years of experience – can also be used very discriminatorily, but if you had 5-10 years of experience in a particular area, that can create some level of trust.
  8. If you managed a team or anything else, indicate that number or what you did. Adding specifics is necessary, and do it in a way there you tell the story of what you did in each position you held.
  9. Recruiters can specifically search for people who respond to inMails. So if you don’t respond to inMails at all (and don’t decline them), you will not show up in that search section.
  10. Last, if you’re open for work, update that setting.

Bottom line is, recruiters don’t want to do a lot of leg work in order to find you.

Also, not every recruiter is going to fully understand the job. So if the keywords are there, then they will feel more confident about connecting you to someone who works in that area of expertise.

wim dammans
Wim Dammans
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