SHRM: Jobs for Humanity Aims to Help Underserved Job Seekers

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We envision a just world where everyone has the opportunity to live a dignified life.

But the world is not just. In fact, injustice is ingrained in our history. And even though we’ve come a long way in terms of equality and justice, we have a long way to go. Today, millions of people across the world are led to believe that they have less worth than others—for reasons that are irrelevant and beyond their control.
For example, inheriting a gene that causes blindness, growing up in an economically depressed neighborhood, having a developmental or learning “disorder,” or becoming a refugee due to extraordinary circumstances. These people have been sidelined from the workforce, which is hugely unfortunate since a job is more than a paycheck. It’s the basis for a dignified life.

Roy Maurer
Roy Maurer
is an online news writer and editor for the Society for Human Resource Management for over 15 years.
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