How to Land a Job at a Remote First Company

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Agnes has a decade of experience helping people land remote jobs

Impress in 6 seconds

You have 6 seconds to make an impression because that’s the average time recruiters spend on resumes.

Here’s an example of a job seeker who’s skills didn’t qualify for a job but was still offered an interview for a position outside the one that she applied to.

Willynn is a marketing professional who succeeded in capturing the attention of recruiters through humor and story telling by saying: Full-time Slave Mom to Four Beautiful Girls and Tie Chihuahuas. 

Willynn Ng

Pause and think:
How will you introduce humor and personality into your resume?

Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

Here’s an example of my Linkedin profile. This profile received a lot of interest from employers to hire her for a job. The key is my opening statement that says: What do I do, for whom, and where do I do it. This made it clear for recruiters where my value would be.

Agnes Kay

Pause and think:
What would be your opening statement be?

Color Emotion Guide

This color palette can be helpful for you to illicit an unconscious emption in readers who see your profile. Take a look at this guide and pick colors that most match your personality and the brand you want to convey.

Color Emotion Guide

A Highly Effective Job Hack

Note: for this hack, you need Linkedin Premium. You can get it for free for a month and do your search. Once you have it, you can simply cancel the subscription if you like.

Go through 10 jobs you’re interested in. Take a look at the most common skills for these jobs. The copy these skills into your resume.

job hack linkedin recruiter premium

Finally, your cover letter

agnes kay's summary

Help me criticize my summary. What’s wrong here?

It’s too wordy. You want to simplify your introduction to what I do, to whom, and where. Keep experiences relevant. Summarize my experience into years of experience in certain domains to give people a better understanding of me.

Try writing our own personal statement. Here are prompts to get you to do it:

What achievement in your career are you most proud of? And what would be the next position you’d like to have? 

Alternatively: What have you been doing professionally starting from your latest job or project?

It’s difficult to write about oneself.
Truth is, just like it’s easier to give advice to others than it is to yourself, it’s also easier to write someone else’s personal summary. So a fun and useful exercise would be to pair with someone, tell them about these questions above, and ask them to write your summary while you do the same for them.
Go ahead, try it!

agnes kay

About the Author

Agnes Kay is the Head of Business Development at Her focus is on Retention and Talent Acquisition of senior techno-commercial professionals. She also built inside sales and lead generation processes.

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