New York Post: New job site reaches out to underserved job seekers

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“A frequently asked question from the employer is, ‘What jobs should I publish for the blind? If I interview a blind candidate, can I send a follow-up e-mail and are they able to read it?’ Blind people have assisted technologies to read screens, but employers don’t know that, so we’re bridging the gap.”

Securing any needed accommodations is also key to ensuring success on the job. “It’s important for job seekers to know they have access to meaningful jobs,” said Sally Rumble of Fort Greene, head of community and marketing at Jobs for Humanity.

“There’s been a wall up in the way that we treat those who are ‘different’ because we don’t have the understanding. It’s not going to happen overnight, but change is coming. Employers are having internal conversations about diversity and inclusion and belonging.”

Alicia Roebuck of West Philadelphia, senior manager of North American talent acquisition at NielsenIQ, said, “It’s exciting — diversity and inclusion is part of the fabric of our organization. We have existing employee resources that allow us to tap into various communities, so this is an extension of that. Inclusion is not just a one-off training; it’s an ongoing activity. It’s our privilege to continue to move toward inclusion across all backgrounds.”

Vicki Salemi

Vicki Salemi is a career expert for Monster, author, columnist, HR people officer, talent consultant, corporate ghostwriter and career coach
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