Jobs for Humanity Stories

Why Jobs for Humanity?

Roy Baladi

« To me, it's to create jobs for underserved communities»

I was raised in Lebanon, in the middle of its civil war. But what captured my imagination was an orphanage and boarding school that my parents had built.

Three decades later, Lebanon went into a downward spiral that culminated with its banks shutting down and an explosion that rocked the city.

I was in the explosion. I am lucky to be alive. It’s given me the resolve to only do things that matter. To me, it’s to create jobs for underserved communities.

I’d been volunteering to help prisoners get jobs, to connect the blind, deaf, refugees, neurodivergent, single moms among others to the recruiting world.

This is why I’m devoting my life to Jobs for Humanity and building it hand in hand with extraordinary people I’ve met along the way.

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