EMPOWERING SECOND CHANCES: The Second Chance eBook Series Unveiled

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Second Chance eBook Series. This collaborative project by Mandela Media, DMA United, and Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) aims to advocate for social justice and second chance employment. Led by Khalil Osiris, Senior Advisor at DMA United and Mandela Media, and founder of TRC, the initiative shares inspiring second chance stories of justice-impacted individuals, nonprofit leaders, and progressive employers.


In the United States, over 80 million individuals face challenges due to a criminal record. The Second Chance eBook Series seeks to break down barriers and prejudices by sharing these stories, fostering dialogue, empathy, and understanding. It’s a movement that goes beyond narratives – it’s about creating opportunities and advocating for inclusive employment practices.


The goal is to capture powerful stories in an eBook series, enabling authors to share their firsthand experiences with a larger audience. Creating an eBook with Mandela Media, DMA United, and TRC offers many benefits:

  • Employment Advantage: Share your story and gain visibility among second chance employers.
  • Public Speaking: Your eBook can serve as a springboard for invitations to public speaking opportunities, further increasing your visibility and impact.
  • Amazon Author: Add credibility to your professional profile and get recognized as an Amazon Author.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Use your eBook to establish yourself as a thought leader, building a foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.


Sam Sohaili, Founder/Executive Creative Director at DMA United, believes “This eBook series represents a powerful shift in social consciousness. It’s more than just a collection of stories – it’s a movement dedicated to amplifying the voices of those given a second chance. By sharing these remarkable journeys, we can inspire, motivate, and foster meaningful dialogue and change.”

Khalil Osiris, Senior Advisor at DMA United and Mandela Media, and founder of TRC, states that “these eBooks promote understanding and empathy, showcasing Nelson Mandela’s lasting legacy of social justice.”


Don’t miss this opportunity to become part of a significant social justice initiative and help promote second chance employment. To share your story, sponsor an eBook, or make a donation, please send an email to contact@trconversations.com.

Together, let’s create a world where everyone is given the opportunity to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.

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