Transform your hiring process with Blink, our DEI Plugin

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We've curated Blink DEI plugin to revolutionize the recruitment process

We believe that every candidate deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and potential. Our cutting edge DEI plugin is designed to revolutionize your recruitment process, minimizing unconscious bias and fostering an inclusive hiring process. 

  1. Unmask Bias, elevate talent

Our Plugin anonymizes candidate profiles, ensuring fair evaluation based on skills and qualifications alone. Say goodbye to unconscious bias and hello to a more diverse, qualified pool of talent.

  1. Unbiased Candidate Evaluation

Blink shields you from others’ reviews of a candidate until you’ve formed your own opinion. This promotes unbiased hiring decisions, reducing the influence of external biases in the process.

  1. Smart suggestions, inclusive language

Elevate your communication with real-time suggestions for inclusive language in jobs postings and candidate interactions, ensuring every interaction is welcoming and unbiased.

Let's make inclusive hiring a standard, not an exception

Blink by Jobs for Humanity is more than a tool – it’s a commitment to a future where every workplace thrives on diversity. Join us in shaping a world where every voice is not just valued but celebrated.

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