The Potential of Candidates whose Resume seem Unfocused

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Perry Knoppert is the founder of The Octopus Movement

I sent my resume to 70-80 recruiters but didn’t get a single interview

“Who is this guy? Why is he applying for this job?” Recruiters don’t know what box to put Perry in. Perry calls himself a non-linear thinker. Someone who is able to think outside the box and who has many different interests.

Perry was a VP of an animal nutrition company in China. He was a supervisor of a company that made and sold clocks. He sold a TV show. He’s done radio. He’s a photographer. He’s done home decoration. He was also a runner on a stock exchange. He’s done sales, alliances, and was even a trainer for a leadership course.

What is it about Perry’s resume that turn recruiters off?

Perry’s Resume

Recruiters need both: Linear thinkers and non-linear thinkers

Recruiters have a checklist that caters for hiring linear thinkers. It’s the list of requirements in the job description and the interview scorecard.

But where does it say on your resume that you’re able to talk to anyone regardless of their background, culture, and attitude? How do you identify sincerity, people skills, and approachability in a resume? Even though that’s a key to success in being a great salesperson or an alliances manager, none of these skills appear on a resume.

How can recruiters create more opportunity for non-linear thinkers?

When you read resumes and you think, this is interesting! but it’s not in line with what I’m looking for, invite those people and talk to them with an open mind.

Many recruiters may say they do, but in reality few do as proven by the response rate that non-linear thinkers get on their application.

If you only hire linear thinkers, you will run a tight ship, but it’s going to be inflexible. When COVID hit, and everything changed all of a sudden, that department will be freaking out. Non-linear thinkers can navigate uncertainty, create calm, balance, and support linear thinkers by removing all blockers.

What is The Octopus Movement

The Octopus Movement ( is a global community of nonlinear thinkers that creates a safe space, and a collaborative think tank that aims to tackle the world’s most meaningful challenges: poverty, the environment, inclusion at work.

About the Author

Perry Knoppert is the founder of the Octopus Movement. Perry’s unique approach to leadership is characterized by his dedication, commitment, and ability to bring people together behind a common cause.

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