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Jobs For Humanity has partnered with the following organizations to broaden the scope of our outreach and support for the neurodivergent community.

Frist Center for Autism + Innovation

Bringing engineers, business scholars, and disabilities researchers together with experts in neuroscience and education to understand, maximize, and promote neurodiverse talent. The center seeks to find opportunities for innovation in technology and transforming the workplace and workplace practices. They are focusing on inventing new technologies that enable neurodiverse people to gain employment, studying and understanding neurodiverse capabilities, and developing policies, tools, and training. 

"Working alongside neurodivergent communities that are local, national, and international, we can provide more resources for neurodivergent job seekers.


A modern and enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite that empowers businesses to hire talent on-demand, and under budget. SmartRecruiters’ goal is to make hiring easier by helping businesses get the talent they need to succeed and help people find a job they will enjoy. SmartRecruiters try to connect people to jobs at scale. With over 4000 businesses worldwide turning to and relying on SmartRecruiters’ cloud-based enterprise recruitment software to attract, select, and hire the best talent. As well as 100 million candidates have used the platform to find jobs.  


A modern tech and product tech company with a people-first approach that simplifies how companies employ global talent. Remote.com is a global company that enables companies to hire, pay and manage full-time and contract workers around the world. Remote makes it easy to manage international payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance in 50 + countries. 


HR Flow researches and builds safe artificial intelligence systems for human resources to help solve unemployment, advancing the labour market and humanity. HR Flow is a fully integrated suite of HR Data products offering products through APIs. Leveraging AI superpowers and human expertise, they help companies and candidates to meet their full potential and thrive in a high-frequency labour market. With over +1,000 companies using HrFlow.ai to automate their HR data processes and make better informed human resources. 

What is the relationship between collaborators and the business? 

The collaborators on the Jobs for Humanity website are companies trying to help employers find workers with specialized talents and reduce unemployment for candidates seeking a job. 

Jobs for Humanity and our partners are helping each other by joining forces and referring candidates to each other’s websites for more job opportunities. Working alongside neurodiverse communities that are local, national, and international globally to provide more resources for job seekers. 

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