The Most Influential Recruiter in 2022

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Eugène van den Hemel at Jobs for Humanity wins the Jury Award for Most Influential Recruiter in 2022 by EmploIT

“What a hero! What an achievement! What an example! What an inspiration! Thank you Eugene for what you do.”

“Top example, of course, that you mention Ali, but also that you have a large group of 100,000 candidates (you bring emotion and numbers). Super nice that you also listen to job seekers and the like and take their lessons with you. Video recorded with Booking, guest lessons, performed on stages. With your drive and communication, I think you are a real ambassador for the profession.”

“The way Eugene is engaged in the profession is real class. And you feel his love for the profession (and that in combination with his personal motives). That is certainly a powerful combination. “I love the profession and therefore want to learn a lot about it.” One year training Psychology of Influencing, many books, including Greg Savage and Matt Adler, Podcasts by eg Bas vd H, Kim W, newsletter Hung Lee. Learning from candidates and managers by listening very carefully, absorbing. You share your love for the profession through daily LinkedIn updates and cups of coffee with many colleagues and others. You have recorded and distributed training on how to find, approach and match Ukrainians. You have spoken at Digital Recruiting, UWV, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and local venues. Guest lessons provided for InHolland, Rotary and Lions.”

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