What’s the Climate Neurodivergent job seekers?

June 28, 2022
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What social trends can impact this business? 

In current times, diversity, equality and inclusion are mainstream. On the whole people are more aware and accepting of what makes us different. Society has pushed companies to be more accepting and look for different talents from numerous candidates that help bring inclusivity, diversity, and equity into the workforce.

What new or emerging technologies can influence business operations? 

Emerging technologies have the potential to develop new assistive products and features that can be implemented through the Jobs for Humanity website to better assist candidates in what they are looking for and applying for jobs. Currently, assistive technologies have been increasing as there has become more of a need for them to better help those who could benefit most in having.

What are the current economic trends? 

California has become one of the highest paying states, with the minimum wage being $16.04 per hour and job growth forecasted to be 3.9% in the Southern area of California and the real GDP growth to be 4.2% in 2022.

What new or proposed law can impact this business? 

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), the Unruh Civil Rights Act, and the Disabled Persons Act are laws emplaced within California that help protect the neurodivergent community from employment discrimination. These laws help the community to be able to apply to any jobs they are qualified for. These laws are beneficial for Jobs for Humanity as it makes it easier to place more applicants with jobs they may succeed in.


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