Work For Humans: The Untold Story of Refugees, Returning Citizens, and Other Underrepresented Talent in the Job Market

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In 2020, Roy Baladi was moments away from the Port of Beirut when it exploded, nearly costing him his life. Meanwhile, 2,500 miles away in the Netherlands, Eugène Van den Hemel met with struggling refugees to help connect them to a brighter future. An unexpected twist of events would eventually bring these two men together to help hundreds of underrepresented people find work, aspiration, and hope.

Roy Baladi is the founder of Jobs for Humanity, a global movement that has created 10,000+ jobs for historically underrepresented talent, including the blind, the neurodivergent, single moms, ethnic minorities, refugees, returning citizens, and those over 58 years old.

Eugène Van den Hemel is a professional recruiter who left his corporate job to help underrepresented communities through his consulting company, Heavenly Thoughts. Since 2015, he has helped over 800 individuals reignite their aspirations and find fulfilling work.

In this episode, Dart, Roy, & Eugène discuss:

  • The near-death experience that changed Roy’s perspective
  • The mission of Jobs for Humanity
  • A pool of talented employees that companies overlook
  • Stigmas and biases built into many hiring processes
  • How to break biases
  • Neurodivergent employees, and how they help your company win
  • How one man’s network helped 800+ people find work
  • And other topics…

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Dart Lindsley is the Head of Global Process Excellence for People Operations at Google. Writer, Speaker, and Host of Work for Humans. He is also the Head of Global Process Excellence for People Operations at Google.

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