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A Talented 3D Animator Living as a Refugee

Altaf Ali

I am a talented animator and I sometimes do freelance animation. But can’t find job because I am refugee.

I’m a refugee from Pakistan living in Indonesia. After a series of deadly attacks on my life I knew that I have to travel away from home. I went to Karachi for a fresh start, found a job in a 3D animation company.

But soon I found out that due to my face and ethnicity I’m recognizable from far. There started a sprey of killing and bomb blasts on Hazaras everywhere in Pakistan which continues to this day. I reverted to hiding at all times and sleeping in the office.

A Wahabi who identified me as Hazara started attacks on my life. Fortunately I survived and I left Pakistan. It’s been over 7 years of my life in limbo in Indonesia. My UNHCR reg no 186-14c00171

You’ll find a showreel for 3d animation studios in My YouTube Channel.

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