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Daughter of a Single Mother

I-Hua Lim

My dad left us when I was about two. I have pictures of us a family of four from my 1 year old birthday party, and those are precious memories for me.

I had/have a distant relationship with my father. He is much too busy with his own family, and we’ve moved on with our lives.

My mother, at the age of 40 was left with full custody of a toddler and a budding teenager.

She worked as a public school teacher in an all boys’ high school teaching English. I hardly ever saw my mother or sister when I was growing up, as I spent most of my time with my maternal grandparents.

When I had to go to primary school, I eventually moved back to be with my mother and sister permanently. It was a strange transition for me, and perhaps even more so for my mother, as her youngest daughter did not want to be with her (being away for so many years).

My mother sacrificed a lot for our happiness. It wasn’t easy in the 80s, as a single mother. Especially for an Asian woman in Asia! She had to suffer the stigma of a woman whose husband abandoned her for someone else, even her own family looked down on her on her marriage breakdown. But she was strong and instead showered us with love, and worked hard to give us a comfortable life.

She imparted to us to always be independent financially, be happy with what you do, but also to be smart about it.

I would not be where I am today if it was not for my mother, who sacrificed much of her happiness for us to be successful.

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