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Hassãn Safieddine

« By helping others, you are helping yourself»

I was born and raised in Lebanon.
In 2004, I traveled to France, then to Belgium where I lived, studied and worked for many years.

In 2018, I decided to come back to Lebanon, thinking that I should contribute in this society by bringing my experience to help taking this beautiful country to a better place.
Being a web developer and IT consultant, technology is my field. A field that’s become at the heart of every organization – public or private.

But things didn’t go as planned…

For over 30 years, this land has seen multiple wars and conflicts, enough to jeopardize life in Lebanon.
In 2019, the Lebanese economy collapsed. The Lebanese pound rate reached drastic values, and the banking sector had to shut its doors, leaving individuals and businesses at the mercy of the void.

Today, Lebanese are having a hard time to find a job.

Thanks to, I was able to meet the Jobs For Humanity team and together we are now building this amazing platform which aims to help, not only Lebanese, but many who suffer from difficulties to find a job.

« le Liban est plus qu’un pays : c’est un message »
Translation: Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message.
These were pope Jean-Paul II’s words back in 1989.

To me, the message is clear: “by helping others, you are helping yourself”.
You too, you can take part in changing your life and someone else’s life.

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