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A car accident left me totally blind, but I turned my life around

Jason Esterhuizen

« A car accident left me totally blind, but I found my love for life again»

I’m from a small town in South Africa. I used to work for an engineering company. I maintained and serviced equipment for the recycling industry.

But I got into a car accident that left me totally blind at 23 years old. I went through deep trauma trying to process that I lost my eyesight.

But I learned about a clinical trial in California that helps people restore partial vision through a wearable device that captures light, transmits it to a chip in the brain, bypassing the retina. So I’m now part of this clinical trial, I found a job at Wayfinder family services as a program and social events coordinator.

I’m on the Jobs for Humanity team to bring jobs to anyone who’s lost their vision.

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