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« I started my sales career as a single Mom trying to simply provide and keep my head above water."»

I started my sales career when I was 27 years old, as a single Mom trying to simply provide and keep my head above water.

I found that I was able to create my schedule around my children’s needs, and successfully built a career through strong business relationships that have developed and grown over the years.

In October 2021, right as I was gearing up to assist in taking a third company public, I woke up in a hospital. I was completely unaware that I had already been there for several weeks in ICU, fighting for my life – which led to changing the entire trajectory of my existence.

I prevailed through the toughest fight for my recovery, with the help of a few doctors and nurses I now count as family. I decided I was not going to waste any more time on things that ultimately do not matter in the scope of life.

I discovered that we all need is each other, on every daily level, in order to truly thrive. This one experience changed how I view the entire world around me. I’m leaving the physical scars on my body to remind me to walk empathetically through life.

We have all experienced moments that define, then potentially re-define, who we are capable of becoming. I choose to believe in the greater good of humankind. I strive to learn and grow from other individuals I encounter and their own personal journeys.

I humbly join Jobs for Humanity, and I am more than excited to witness the Global Movement of Job Creation. It takes all of us to create Humanity!

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