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Truth is, I never set out to be a single mum

Joanna McCatty

From the perspective of career and solo parenting I wanted to impart what I classify as the cheat codes to feeling fulfilment between career and being a mum.
Here are 7 ways I have got to where I am now at a place of contentment for the woman I have become and the version of self that my kids have also attributed to.
Here we go:
1. Prioritise what matters first. Early on for me, it was flexibility then role. This still applies today. What is your priority?
2. List the things that matter to you in a role aligned to that. You may need a coach or mentor to help uncover your skills.
3. Say hello to mummy (parent) guilt – we all feel it. Just don’t be hard on yourself about it. Acknowledge it and what ever you are doing, be fully present with that. If you are hanging with the kids focus on that. If you are doing a piece of work, then focus on that.
4. Have a support network around you that wants to see you win; get rid of the people that make you feel anything less. Do it now.
5. Be open to learn from your kids. They have enquiring minds that make you see things differently. Learning is not hierarchical.
6. Be open to change, be flexible, things in life never go accordingly. This happens on steroids as a parent. Make a plan that is subject to change and be cool with it.
7. Step into your power. Even if and when those moments arise when you have not slept enough for the myriad of reasons. What ever you choose to do in the moment, for the day, month, year just don’t half ass it.

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