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My new dream

Stacey Romero

« My new dream»

In 2016, I landed my dream role with my organization. I got to travel cross country and develop leaders.

And then one day, I met a team that included several employees who were blind, and I realized that in spite of my best intentions, they were not able to participate in development opportunities because the materials my employees were using were not in a format that was accessible.

I didn’t want to exclude anyone, and so I went on a journey to learn how to create accessible content. I wanted to take responsibility for the piece I owned.

Eventually that team asked me to move to Colorado and join them as an Accessibility Learning and Development Manager.

Now I help others in my organization think about disability etiquette and inclusion, and how to support customers and employees with disabilities.

I have learned so much about how to make content accessible for screen reader users, and the biggest takeaway is that it is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. I love being able to help others and create a more accessible and inclusive workplace. Turns out that was my new dream.

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