Economic Issues Impacting Single Parents Trying to Gain Employment in Quebec

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The sad truth is, there are far fewer opportunities for career advancement for women of color in a white-dominated Western country. The average salary for immigrant women in Quebec is $37,000 (Statistique Quebec, 2021). As 13.4% of Quebec’s immigrants are from African countries, many of them are potentially earning this amount of income from their current jobs.

13.4% of Quebec's immigrants are from African countries.

Many of these women seek a job/career that offers a higher earning potential, but it may be challenging due to some of the barriers to career advancement for women of color in Quebec.

For immigrants in a new country, it can take an average of 5 years to secure a position.

It can take an average of 5 years before many find a secure posting. The age of the individual immigrating and how much education they’ve received can play a factor in this time period they averagely have to wait for to find a secure job (Afrique au Féminin, 2021).


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