What Do Returning Citizens Need?

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The needs of the returning citizen community will be tools that solve the challenges of navigating a new, strange world full of hoops to jump through and stigma to manage. Looking at the first challenge, not knowing where to begin. To remedy this problem, a returning citizen would benefit from having access to a life coach. A life coach will help the returning citizens to map out and plan future steps in all aspects of their life, not just their career. Focusing now on the second challenge, family strain. This challenge would be more easily overcome if families were also given access to supportive tools. By better preparing the loved ones of the returning citizen, you are better setting them up for success in the re-entry process. When looking at the third challenge returning citizens face while re-entering society, finding employment, there are several things that help to overcome this barrier.

"By providing mental health support and tools to returning citizens, you can better prepare them for reentering society."

Returning citizens need access to employment services, like Jobs for Humanity, but also need access to education, skills training, and more. Finally, the fourth need or solution to the challenge of mental health issues is a part of all four needs. By providing mental health support and tools to incarcerated individuals, you can better prepare them for re-entering society. Mental health issues will of course vary by individual from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) to Anger Issues to Depression and Anxiety. By helping to resolve these issues, the individual has a better chance of smoothly re-entering society, in all aspects of their Life.

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