Jobs for the Neurodivergent Stories

Understanding me is an endless progress. Getting to know me is a bravest thing to do. Accepting myself is the best decision I have made.

Ruth Sinyom Boniface
I have learned a lot along the way. Not focusing at only one thing allows me to explore cool and interesting things, attributions from my constant changing hobbies. Though impulsivity isn’t avoidable on every starts – I invest and spend everything at first. Then later I get bored, leave things halfway. I used disappointed with myself for this behavior, until I realized that I was doing my best while searching for my passion. Though having a constant hyperactive mind, curious about just anything – I survived and still proud despite of the downfalls. At times my subconscious mind lets me blurt out opinions in a conversation, I usually get responses like “How did you know about all this? When did you learn so much?” I wasn’t trash talking, just stating facts – I’m even surprised with myself. My brain is actually very active, picking up things so quickly however bad in storing data in an organized manner. When needed, it’s almost impossible to retrieve any! Treating myself better is the best thing I can do. It has brought implacable changes in my life. It shuts those negativities/stressors around me. Prioritizing myself has set boundaries as I gained respect from people who truly cares. I began to value my worth, accepting the labelling as my uniqueness, gift and strength. All in all, I’m proud of my progress and keen to know more about ADHD as well to understand people who are living with it. Everyone comes from a different start.
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